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A well-lived life

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A well-lived life

The idea of a well-lived life differs from one person to another. Attempting to demonstrate a model of living that results in a well-lived life in all circumstances is nearly impossible because it is impossible to define for someone how he or she is supposed to live life. My idea of a well-lived life is leading a life of happiness and fulfillment in all aspects of life.  It is being able to live without regrets because you are proud of all your accomplishments, you acknowledge your failures and always work towards fixing them.

I believe our lives’ measure is related to the sum of our actions, good and bad. A well-lived life is a life spent building good relationships with others, treating everyone with respect and compassion. It’s being a blessing to others and giving a helping hand to those in need of our help. It entails experiencing love from everyone around you, including family and friends, and reciprocating it in equal measure. For one to be able to say “I have lived a good life” is when he or she can look back and see goals that were set and achieved, maybe it was having a successful career or building a hospital for the less fortunate, or finding a connection with someone and spending the rest of your life with them. It is being able to do whatever makes us happy because, in turn, we will be contented (Aristotle, 50). Also, spiritual fulfillment is very important in life; it is what brings unconditional inner peace. A well-lived life for me means finding myself, my purpose in life, and being at peace with all my actions and decisions. Generally, happiness is the end that meets all these requirements; all of these things we do for ourselves and others are a means of obtaining happiness (Aristotle, 51). To me, a well-lived life is a happy life.


















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