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Creative writing skills

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Creative writing skills

Every creative writer needs to apply some skills to make their delivery revealing and more appealing. This is what differentiates competent, creative writers from the rest of the writers. It takes the writes time and commitment and creativity to make sure they deliver an appealing art. Creative writing is the art that needs one to make sure that all the requirements of a phrase get fully met so that the message gets delivered can be clear and précised. Art is about providing a piece of big news through fewer words, which means precision is vital. It is due to this reason that most creative writers use images, imaging, imaginations, reimaging, conception, invention, reading, drafting, redrafting, and editing.

The use of images in creative writing is one of the skills a writer needs to apply in the process of their paper to enhance their writing by making more appealing, enjoyable, and more recommendable. Image is the use of words or a series of words that capture the attention of the reader by bringing to them a given vision that the writer wanted to portray to them, the image created is what makes the piece a success that is if the required message gets passed in the right way. Jane Draycott, a poet and a creative writer, have created the use of this style. Wherein her poem De somniis, she says, “So there at the top, one foot already descending,” The purpose of an image gets seen where she lets the reader know the top, the reader might not necessarily know the exact place. Still, she makes them create that image in their minds.

Imagination is also an essential tool where the writer makes the readers imagine things in the way the writers want them to. This makes the reader of the piece be in the same world of imagination as the writer. The writer must employ the style to make their articles more interesting and more appealing to their readers. Imagination is a style that involves the capture of the reader’s concentration and attention to make sure that the imaginary world of the writer is the same as that of the readers. Jane Draycott has used this style were in one of her poems she states that “Returned one day from who knows where you’ll climb the stairs each step a flight into the roof-space as it might appear where there’s a room which like a lover waits – some books, as of a and the perfect light, a quiet carpet like a grassy hill.” The writer has made sure that the reader’s imagination gets fully captured and flowing in the same world of imagination.

Conception is a style that writers formulate or device a plan on how to make sure that their art gets well delivered to the consumers. Conception is the strategic plan of ideas. Jane Draycott has applied this where she has played the intention of using the images and imagination to deliver the message in here poems.


Question 3

A narrative is more related to personal experience snd most of it all the act of scene-making. It is more of explaining how something happened when, where, and in what intensity did that occur. The narrative gets made engaging in a way listeners have to follow the unfolding of the scenes one after the other. That will make sure that the narrator and the audience are moving in the same world of fantasy.

The notion of positioning is a style that the narrator has to obtain. The idea of positioning is the ability of the narrator to put the characters in the correct context, that is, to bring in a role where they are more appropriate and when necessary. It is a creative style used by narrators to make sure that their creative acts or the narration are well conveyed to the audience in the best way possible and in the appropriate way. It is through positioning that listeners of narrative can tell who is the protagonist and the antagonist of the story is. It also shows how they get introduced in the story where and when. The notion of positioning is the ability to understand when, where, and how to position different characters in the narrative. It happens on three different levels.

The three levels can be positioned as three questions, and they include; How the characters are posted concerning one another within the reported event. This stage, primary focus, is usually on how a role is made and how the protagonist and the antagonist are created. They mainly focus on linguistic devices and the style integrated to make a particular character in the narrative. There are characters in a story that is usually the main focus in the scene. There are those characters that help in revealing the inner nature, and there are those characters that are directly involved or rather interact with the main character, making them outstanding. All this is met through the notion of positioning in storytelling in this first stage.

The second level question is, how does the speaker position him or herself to the audience?. This is another bone of contention, positioning of the speaker to the audience, determines how well the message the narrative shall be conveyed or delivered to the audience. In this stage, more concentration on the mode that the narrator focuses on, for example, does the narrator try giving instructions to the audience? How does he involve them in the narrative? It also focuses on was, or no, the narrator gives excuses to his or her activity.

The other stage is, how does the narrator position to themselves.? In this stage, the main focus is on how the linguistic devices are used to show the narrator is telling the truth. In this stage, the main focus is usually the linguistic devices used more than the content in the story or the narration. This is because the linguistic devices employed communicate more and justify the content more than the content itself.

Conclusively, any message is conveyed in the right way when the correct linguistic devices are punt into the proper use. It is also evident that the linguistic devices applied in any message delivery are what make the message more convincing than the content itself. Without the correct positioning, the creation of a character in a narrative will be hard.

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