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Ebonics in the US and patois

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Response 1

Ebonics in the US and patois are dialects. According to (Baron 1) the same language can be used by two people or dialects of that language; that is, they can apprehend each other’s speech. If people can’t communicate, perhaps they are speaking a different language. For instance, most people think that black English is a dialect of English. It exhibits some characteristics gotten from African languages but can be understood and recognized as English.

Response 2

  1. impact of the strike

The community can be classified under the categories of those affected by strikes. For example, strikes in public service will generate more hardship for the consumer who is regarded as the ‘community’ in this case. The suppliers experience losses because they are forced to stop operations due to a reduction in demand for their goods and services. A strike is viewed to impact how the community conducts its work daily  (Kumar 118).

  1. The “banana wars.”

I agree with the US’s decision to challenge the EU. The “banana wars” is the climax of a six-year trade quarrel between the EU and the US. The US posted complaints that a scheme.


The EU offering banana producers from previous colonies in the Caribbean unique entry to European markets violated free trade rules. Only 7% of Europe’s bananas emerged from the Caribbean. US corporations that command Latin American banana crops maintain three-quarters of the EU market, and the US doesn’t export bananas to Europe. The EU was informed to alter its rules (Barkham 32).

Response 3: Malcolm X

Malcolm little is remembered as Malcolm X because he replaced his Surname “Little” with an X following a custom amongst Nation of Islam followers who premeditated their families’ names to have an origin with white slaveholders.

He is remembered as Malcolm X because after he was released from jail, he assisted in leading the Islam Nation during the most considerable influence and growth period (Mamiya 1).

Response 4a:

Harlem Renaissance was a psychological, social, and artistic outburst based in HarlemManhattanNew York City, reaching the 1920s. Claud McKay was a Jamaican poet, a figure of the  Harlem Renaissance. He was attached to communism in his early life but never became a member of the communist party. In 1942 he converted to Catholicism and exited Harlem. Until his death, he was working for a catholic organization. (McKay 1).

He composed a poem by the title, If we must die found at . The verse explains the state of which we should be if we must die (Mckay 1).




  1. Mass protest

The 1930s would see mass protests reach a new level of intensity where workers demanded continuous social service reforms, proper houses, self-government, and full adult permit. This was the critical mass period of region-wide revolt, as strikes proletarian St. Kitts, Guyana, Bahamas, St Vincent, Jamaica, Barbados, and Curacao. The trade Unions that became known from the dust of the eruptions were generally, radical with leadership composed of ranks. Caribbean trade union history remains the primary determinant in the force of mass movement today (Abdullah 1).

  1. How British Reinvented Slavery

By 1840 over 20000 Indians made the long notion of crossing to South America. After a voyage of three months and some nine and half thousand miles, Indians landed in Demurral. Indians didn’t know that their arrival was the beginning of slavery by the British. Over the next 80 years in America, Indians could be transported to every corner of the emperor. The Caribbean political system trapped the Indians. The Indians used to work all day for the Caribbean (Documentary storm 5:30-24:51).








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