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English language

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English language development

English overtook other languages because of being diverse in social settings, i.e., sociolinguistics.  Society has dynamics because of diverse approaches to essential aspects that control how language is used. In most cases, the mobility of language adopts geographical norms, making it camouflage into social contexts. Additionally, history contributed to sociolinguistic development by causing adaptation into a new era and times.

English underwent development resulting in varieties witnessed in different territories. The varieties include the inner circle kind of English mainly used by British Isle people. Concerning Ireland, the type of English language was referred to as the Old World. After a intermingle and interaction, English developed to be of Out circle as it was different from original languages outside the British Isles. New world English is the last type caused by colonization.  The variation of language occurred because of apparent reasons. First, it is due to migrating from their native land, which gives them a chance to encounter new language in the process and take some words with them. Settlement history is another cause of the new English version of English as settlers are exposed to other linguistics. Similarly, geographical factors, including contacts with new languages, gave a different type of English because of mixing languages during discourses.

In this case, the creoles are the original and native English users in British Isle with few geographical dialects. Pidgins, on the other, had developed as diversity in mingling with other languages. In English speaking, there are three primary levels, which are Lexis, grammar, and phonology. Lexis refers to different forms of dialects heard when pronouncing words of similar vowels, e.g., this and dis.  Lexis is caused by the geographical location of speakers who develop varied accents.

On the other hand, grammar is when words are changed or pronounced differently depending on the settlement, which gives sentences different structures. An example is shortening or prolonging certain words to be understood better, for instance, lego, and let’s go or let us go. The last level, phonology, is described by how one word gets different pronunciation to get different patterns of sound, e.g., chores can be pronounced as shores or thick as a tick.

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