Is this cheating? Is this service legal?

The adherence to our Fair Use Policy saves one from being accused of cheating. The data you need for our assignment is collected and compiled according to your requirements. You are saved significant time that you need to go through large number of sources by yourself. Also, the samples provided are similar to the ones provided by your university only that our samples are customized according to your specific assignment requirements. Generally, our samples are meant to give you a better understanding of the assignment you are undertaking.

Our company only offers legal services. Besides, the company is registered in the US and has been in operation for 13 years already. The several years we have been offering services is a sufficient proof that our services are permitted under the US law.

If the work is plagiarism-free, why can I not submit it?

Plagiarism simply means that the work submitted belongs to someone else. We provide samples that are free of plagiarism. However, submitting our work as your own constitutes to plagiarism in that you have copied work from our website.

Plagiarism is viewed as theft of ideas or dishonesty and researchers are required to recognize the source of the work they present. The submission of other people’s work may have negative impacts on the student. Universities view plagiarism as a violation of academic integrity policies.

The risk of engaging in plagiarism is severe. A student may fail in their courses, be forced to retake a module, or even get expelled from the university. Besides, personal risks exist where the student does not do sufficient research and may end up failing in future professional duties.

If I did hand the work in as my own, would my tutor find out?

The works provided by our website are plagiarism-free. Therefore, they will not contain matched content. Services such as Turnitin or Write Check will not recognize plagiarism in the work we provide. However, the quality of the work provided may appear drastically higher in quality compared to the work you have been turning in. the risk is higher in the event your teacher personally knows your capability. Suspicious writing styles may make your teacher question the source of our information and may also ask for a plan or draft of your assignment. Therefore, the Fair Use Policy should be used efficiently to avoid such risks.

If I can’t submit the work as my own, why would I pay for it?

You can be sure to get quality for your money. Your task will be handled by an expert who has several years of experience in your field and you will have an advantage over other students. Only quality work is delivered.

The sample you will receive is done perfectly according to our needs and requirements. Moreover, this is a tool that will provide a better insight into the topic and improve your understanding on your topic. We provide professional advice that is essential in completing your own assignment.

I have not used your service before. Can you tell me more about your company?

Our company is an online resource that specializes at helping students and users willing to find information and equipping them with a better insight into a topic of their choice. The company provides papers that are purely for familiarization and advice.

Is my credit card information secure?

The information provided is not under any circumstances shared with third parties. The details are kept strictly confidential and you don’t have to worry about confidentiality risks.

I don’t want to pay until I know you can help. Is this possible?

You can always place your order for free. However, s 50% advance payment is needed after a writer has been found. The advance payment helps in the finding of writers since they appear to be more-willing to work on orders that have been paid for. Also, advance payment helps the writers to plan before-hand especially for the high seasons; (March-June and November-January).

It is advisable to make a call were you know that our field is something highly specialist or niche. A discussion will be held and we’ll advise where we can help.

Will my university know that I have used your services?

No, our Fair Use Policy ensures that your university does not find out if you use our services.

Can you edit or paraphrase my work (e.g. from tutor feedback)?

Unfortunately, the editing service is not offered because you have to finally check the work we provide before your submit it. The “Marking and Proofreading” service is however helpful instead. Our experts can help you by going through your paper and marking it where needed, as well as provide suggestions on the points to improve on. The marking form provides a convenience so as to make changes where necessary.

Moreover, you can order for a rewriting of your work. Our experts will take into consideration the paper you have written before any feedback and come up with a completely new paper for you.

Can I buy essays displayed on your website?

Papers displayed on our website are not for sell. Most of the papers are obtained from students who have used our services. The terms and conditions of our plagiarism scanner allow us to display the papers for sometime after using the service. However, you are free to go through the papers and come up with your own ideas. Coping contents from the papers without recognition may amount to plagiarism.

Is your service confidential?

Yes, the information provided by the customer is kept confidential and anonymous. No confidentiality issues have been reported since day one.

Do you always find a writer/what happens if you can’t find a writer?

A special department has been tasked with the provision of competent and well-qualified writers for individual orders. Quality of the work to be provided is prioritized and therefore the choice of writers depends on competency. The difference between us and our competitors is quality.

Sometimes a writer for a particular order may not be found since only competent writers are hired. The preference is on provision of 100% quality work and a task may be refused is a competent writer is not found. You will always be notified if a writer has been found for your order.

A 100% refund is processed for orders that have not been delivered.

What happens if I’m not happy with the work? What happens if my essay does not meet?

The grade ordered? If the work does not meet your minimum threshold, corrections can quickly be made after you have sent an amendment request via the online account. To avoid any misunderstanding, you are requested to send the changes you require to be made in your paper in written form. Through a written change request, the writer will get all the information, and your work will be changed accordingly to meet your criteria.

If you don’t score your desired grade, you can request for refund or revision of the work through your online account. You are required to attach information regarding the grade you scored and the teacher’s explanation. The teacher’s description will guide the concerned team on how your work should be changed to achieve the teacher’s specifications. After reviewing and revision, you will be contacted by the aftercare team for any discussion regarding your work.

How can you guarantee my grade? How do I know it’s going to be the grade I ordered?

Here, you are assured of the grade that you have ordered or a grade that is higher than you have ordered. Our writers are competent with at least an undergraduate degree from UK accredited universities. After the writer completes your work, the work is first checked by the quality team. The quality team works to ensure all the client’s requirements have been met. If some conditions are not met, the work is returned to the writer by the quality team before it even reaches you. The procedures ensure that your work is of high quality as requested.

Will my university know that I have used your services?

No, our Fair Use Policy has been put in place to ensure that your university has no chance to know whether you have used our services in your work.

Who does the research and writes the papers?

We hire writers from certain fields of study who have mastered the art of academic writing. Our Clients have an opportunity to choose their preferred writers from a large group of professional writers. All our writers are professional academic writers with rich experience in writing. All our writers acknowledge that time is of essence, and for sure, your work will be delivered before your deadline as requested. The writer you have selected from a pool of professional writers does the research for you and writes your paper as per your instructions.

Will my university know that I have used your services?

No, our Fair Use Policy ensures that your university will not know that you have used our services.

Can your company help write my project/essay/thesis for me?

Yes, the information provided by this company may be used as a source or as an example. However, check the Fair Use Policy concerning submission. It simply means that you cannot just copy the work and submit as your own work.

Can I directly submit the writer’s work?

The company specializes at providing a perfect model answer that will help you to complete your work. You must ensure that you complete your work in full, that is, you cannot copy and paste contents of the model. You can however use the references although advice is given that you should make sure to understand the contents of the reference used.

I live outside the United Sates; can I pay to access research papers?

Any international credit card supported by major payment systems can be used to pay for our services.

Who does the research and writes the papers?

Experienced writers are hired according to their specialization and the hiring process considers solid experience only. The writers have excellent knowledge on academic writing and their skills are exemplary. The writers are also tested on the ability to submit their work on time.

The choice of the writer is made by the customer after the submission of proposals by a set of qualified writers. The writers will offer proposals to complete your project and you will have the chance to choose the writer of your choice.

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