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Why believe that the two qualitative methods were used

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Why believe that the two qualitative methods were used

I firmly believe that these two qualitative methods, which include participatory observation and in-depth individual interviews, were used. The article shows that the methods were used, especially in the portion indicated as the data collection method. From that portion being made aware that the qualitative methods were used since they offered all the tasks that were conducted in making these two methods a success. For instance, in the participatory observation method, it is clear to me that eight workshops were involved. A research member is seen taking field notes with so many contents like observation on setting arrangements and interaction among participants (Yang et al., 2015). This is enough evidence to make me believe that the data collection method was used since there are activities that surrounded the data collection process and not just the mention of the data collection method.

An in-depth individual data collection method is the second qualitative method that I believe was also used. My belief is strengthened by the fact that a member from the research team is conducting individual interviews, and even that time frame of sixty to ninety minutes has been used (Reason & Bradbury, 2001). Tape recording and transcription of the interviews makes me believe more that indeed the method was used.

I also believe that the methods were used based on the positive outcome that resulted at the end of the program where the disadvantaged women immigrants were able to develop their health literacy, self- worth enhanced, social networks facilitated, and also their psychological resilience built. Through data analysis used and the urge that a government aims to empower women, immigrants can rely on the data analysis increases my belief that these qualitative methods were used.



Reason, P., & Bradbury, H. (Eds.). (2001). Handbook of action research: Participative inquiry and practice. Sage.

Yang, Y. M., Wang, H. H., Lee, F. H., Lin, M. L., & Lin, P. C. (2015). Health empowerment among immigrant women in transnational marriages in Taiwan. Journal of Nursing Scholarship47(2), 135-142.



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